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Field Medicine Study Sites


The Glossary of Common Viruses


H Pylori

  • Helicobacter Pylori Symptoms - On this site there is comprehensive educational information regarding Helicobacter Pylori symptoms, infection, bacteria and treatment.

Digestive System Links


Diabetes Links

Paramedic to RN schools and links:

   Paramedictorn.org/vital-sites - The article is an in depth list of great websites and resources for people in the emergency medical profession.

  www.BioMedSearch.com This site has everything from NIH/PubMed plus additional journals and a large databases of theses and dissertations, making is substantially more comprehensive than any other free biomedical search site.

MedicalCorps and Good Emergency Preparedness Sites
These are vital if you're really interested in surviving a disaster.

www.Medicalcorps.org - Our main site

www.Survivalblog.com- This is Jim Rawles site and has excellent survival information.

www.Tacda.org - The American Civil Defense Association--One of the best Civil Defense sites out there.

www.shopmedvet.com - This where we buy most of our supplies.

www.Remedylink.com - Good detox site as well as HBOT

www.Disastershelters.net - Sharon Packer's blast shelter site

www.Operationalmedicine.org - Medical Teaching videos--also free downloads. This is the very best place to go for instruction that is on the net.

www.KIO3.com - Another one of our sites.

www.kio3-usa.com - This is a bulk site for KIO3 170mg, 60 tablet bottles.

http://www.longlifefood.com - Good MREs. I get the entrees only.

www.mountainhouse.com - This is Mountain House food. Long shelf-life and really tastes good.

www.mtnhse.com - This is also Mountain House, but it cheaper--for a while. I just bought several hundred dollars worth. We eat Mountain House on a regular basis because it is good.

www.codeready.org - This is a Minnesota Gov site and it has really good information on what you need to store for emergencies.

www.thesolar.biz - This is where I do my solar shopping. They give good advice and don't sell you things you don't need.

www.uscg.mil - This is a Coast Guard medical site. Great stuff for mariners.

www.localharvest.org This is a site that lists all the farmer's markets.

www.ready.gov - Possibly the worst and dumbest information site on the web.

This is a list of need-to-be--in-the-library Books
Nursing Drug Handbook
Herbal Medicine Handbook
Tabors Medical Dictionary
Wounds and Lacerations by Trott
Where There is No Doctor
Where There is No Dentist
Merck Manual

More Good Links:

www.humanitarian.net Critical, Worldwide health issues.
www.rehydrate.org Rehydration techniques for adults and especially for children.
www.healthwrights.org "Where there is no Doctor"
www.healthwrights.org - Dentist "Where there is no Dentist"
Online Medical Dictionary The link says it all.
National Institutes of Health Free, easy to use study site. If you want all the research papers on almost any medical subject just type a word or phrase into the provided space and hit "Go". The site is fast, easy and concise.

Supplies, Gear & Equipment

Prnmed.com Emergency medical supplies, survival & wildenrness manuals, foods & survival gear
www.campingsurvival.com Camping supplies, survival supplies & emergency supplies.

Medical and Military Web Sites

The links below will connect you to a large variety of medical and military web sites. If any links become inactive, please let us know so that we can upgrade the list.


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