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Must See Web Sites

diamond shaped graphic   Nurse Practioner School Directory - Onlinenursepractitionerprograms.com is a resource for students to find in-depth and unbiased information about nurse practitioner programs. Currently, it is the only site which lists every accredited Nurse Practitioner school on the web. Enjoy!
diamond shaped graphic   The Survival Blog (www.survivalblog.com) if you want to know how to survive a collapse of our economy and resulting civil destruction, this is the premier website to visit.
diamond shaped graphic   Survival School (www.survivaltrainingohio.com) -- This link is for an internationally know survival school - Survival Training Ohio. =Chuck is often a guest instructor there.
diamond shaped graphic   Operationalmedicine.org -- These are first rate Medical Training materials - Exactly the type of subjects we teach in our hands-on classes! Navy Medicine at it's finest.
diamond shaped graphic   A free tutorial web site for Medical Spanish, with audio.
diamond shaped graphic   Sharpen Your Nursing Skills
diamond shaped graphic   Here's a link for non-prescription antibiotics -- for your pets.
diamond shaped graphic   Orthopedic Casting Supplies!
diamond shaped graphic   Lyme Disease - For patients and heath care Professionals
diamond shaped graphic   Question: Will swabbing the skin with betadine or gargling with an iodine solution help protect the thyroid during an radiological event? The answer is here.

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