Beclomethasone (Vanceril, Beconase, Vancenase, Beconase AQ, Vancenase AQ, Vancenase AQ Double Strength)


  • Anti-inflammatory corticosteroid (synthetic)


  • Halogenated synthetic glucocorticoid


  • INH for chronic asthma

  • NASAL for seasonal/perennial rhinitis; prevention of recurrence of nasal polyps; non-allergic (vasomotor) rhinitis


  • Primary treatment of status asthmaticus, nonasthmatic bronchial disease

  • Bacterial, fungal, or viral infections of the mouth, throat, or lungs; children <3 years


  • Pregnancy category C; excretion in breast milk unknown, but considered to be compatible with breast feeding

  • Nasal disease/surgery, children <12 years, nasal ulcers, recurrent epistaxis

  • Systemic effects such as mental disturbances, increased bruising, weight gain, cushingoid features, and cataracts

Adverse Reactions (Side Effects):

  • CNS: headache, paresthesia

  • EENT: burning, candidal infection, dryness, earache, nasal irritation, perforation at nasal septum, nasal ulcers, secretions with blood, sneezing, sore throat

  • GI: dry mouth, dysphonia

  • METAB: adrenal suppression

  • RESP: bronchospasm



Administered by oral inhalation and nasally

  • Adult:  INH 2-4 puffs 3-4 times daily, not to exceed 20 INH/day; NASAL 1-2 sprays in each nostril 2-4 times daily; double strength (DS) NASAL 1-2 sprays each nostril daily

  • Child 2-12 years: INH 1-2 puffs 3-4 times daily, not to exceed 10 INH/day

  • Child >12 years:  NASAL 1-2 sprays each nostril 2-4 times daily


Special Considerations:

  • Rinse mouth with water following INH to decrease possibility of fungal infections, dysphonia

  •  Response to nasal steroids seen in 3 days to 2 weeks; discontinue if no improvement in 3 weeks

  •  For prophylactic use, no role in acute treatment of asthma/allergy

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