Crotamiton (Eurax)


  • Miscellanenous


  • Scabacide


  • Scabies in adults

  • Scabies in children (non-FDA approved)

  • Pruritic skin


  • Inflammation, abrasions, or breaks in skin or mucous membranes


  • Pregnancy category C

  • Children



Applied topically

  • Adult and child: TOP (cream, lotion) massage into skin of entire body from chin down; repeat application 24 hours later


Special considerations:

  • 60g is sufficient for 2 applications (adult)

  • Reapply locally during 48 hour treatment period after handwashing, etc

  • A cleansing bath should be taken 48 hours after the last application

  • After treatment, the topical use of corticosteroids to decrease contact dermatitis, antihistamines for pruritis; pruritis may continue for 4-6 weeks


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