Droperidol (Inapsine) (with fentanyl = Innovar)


  • Miscellaneous


  • Sedative; anesthesia adjunct


  • Premedication for surgery

  • Induction, maintenance in general anesthesia


  • Pregnancy category C; has been used to promote analgesia for cesarean sections without affecting respiration of the newborn

  • Elderly, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, liver disease, Parkinsonís disease

  • Children < age 2

Adverse Reactions (Side Effects):

  • CNS: akathisia, chills, dizziness, drowsiness, dystonia, hallucinations, shivering

  • CV: hypertension, hypotension, tachycardia

  • EENT: ocular crisis

  • MS: muscular rigidity

  • RESP: apnea, bronchospasm, respiratory arrest, respiratory depression


Administered intravenously and intramuscularly

  • Adult:             

    • Adjunct to general anesthesia: 

      • IV 2.5mg/10kg given with analgesic or general anesthetic

    • Premedication for surgery: 

      • IM 2.5-10mg 30-60 minutes preoperatively

    • Maintaining general anesthesia: 

      • IV 1.25-2.5mg

  • Child:            

    • Adjunct to general anesthesia: 

      • IV 1-1.5mg/10kg

      • titrate to response needed

    • Premedication for surgery: 

      • IM 1-1.5mg/10kg 30-60 minutes preoperatively

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