Lindane: formerly gamma benzene hexachloride (Kwell, G-Well)


  • Miscellaneous


  • Scabicide, pediculicide


  • Pediculus capitis (head lice)

  • Pediculus pubis (crab lice) and their ova

  • Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies)


  • Premature neonates

  • Seizure disorder


  • Pregnancy category B; use no more than twice during a pregnancy; amounts excreted in breast milk probably clinically insignificant

  • Children, infants

  • Avoid contact with eyes, inflammation of skin, abrasions, or breaks in skin

Adverse Reactions (Side Effects):

  • CNS: dizziness, seizures, stimulation

  • SKIN: Eczematous eruptions due to irritation



Administered topically (lotion, shampoo) , Adult and Child:

  • Lotion: 

    • (Crab lice) apply sufficient quantity only to cover the hair and skin of the pubic area and adjacent infested areas, leave in place for 12 hours then wash thorouthly, may repeat in 7 days if necessary, treat sexual contacts concurrently; 

    • (Head lice) apply a sufficient quantity to cover only the affected area, rub into scalp, and leave in place for 12 hours then wash thoroughly, may repeat in 7 days if necessary; 

    • (Scabies) make total body application from neck down, leave on 8-12 hours (adults), 6-8 hours (children), 6 hours (infants), remove by thorough washing, 60ml usually sufficient for adults

  • Shampoo: 

    • (Head lice and crab lice) apply a sufficient quantity to dry hair, work thoroughly into hair and allow to remain in place for 4 minutes, add small quantities of water until a good lather forms, rinse hair thoroughly and towel briskly; comb with a fine-toothed comb or use tweezers to remove any remaining nits or nit shells, retreatment not usually necessary; short hair requires approximately 30ml, long hair 60ml

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