Ofloxacin (Floxin)


  • Antibiotic


  • Fluoroquinolone antibiotic


  • Lower respiratory tract infections (H. influenzae, S. pneumoniae)

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (N. gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis)

  • Skin infections (P. mirabilis, S. pyogenes, S. aureus)

  • Urinary tract infections (Citrobacter diversus, Enterbacter aerogenes, E. coli, K. pneumoniae, P. mirabilis, P. aeruginosa)

  • Prostatitis (E. coli)  


  • None


  • Pregnancy category C

  • May cause photosensitivity reactions

  • May cause pseudomembranous colitis

  • Do not use in young children due to possible cartilage abnormalities

  • May cause ophthalmologic abnormalities

  • Administer on an empty stomach, DO NOT take with food

  • Do not take with antacids, iron, aluminum, magnesium or zinc preparations, milk or dairy products

  • May cause dizziness or lightheadedness, use caution when performing tasks

  • Take each dose with a full glass of water

  • Complete full course of therapy

  • Not effective against syphilis

  • Administer by IV infusion only over a period of not less than 60 minutes, DO NOT administer by IM, intrathecal, intraperitoneal or SQ

Adverse Reactions (Side Effects):

  • Chest pain (1-3%), cough

  • Bad taste in mouth

  • Nausea (3-10%), anorexia

  • Headache, dizziness, insomnia, restlessness

  • Vaginal discharge, genital pruritis and itching


  • Administered orally (tablets) and by IV injection

  • UTIs: 

    • 200mg po q12h for 3-10 days depending on severity

  • Lower resp joint infection: 

    • 400mg po q12h for 10 days

  • Skin infection: 

    • 400mg po q12h for 10 days

  • Prostatitis: 

    • 300mg po q12h for 6 weeks

  • Epididymitis: 

    • 300mg po q12h for 10 days

  • PID: 

    • 400mg po q12h for 14 days (with clindamycin or metronidazole)

  • STDs:

    • acute, uncomplicated gonorrhea: 400mg single dose

    • cervicitis (C. trachomatis): 300mg q12h for 7 days

    • cervicits/urethritis (C. trachomatis, N. gonorrhoeae): 300mg q12h for 7 days

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