Searching for Ricky Recon

If you are now serving or have served with (or are a family member of) the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division please read...

Project, Recon: To the members and former members of 1st Marine Division, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion;

We now have access to declassified patrol reports from the Vietnam era.

We are in the process of putting them in an easy to read format and cross referencing them by name rank and service number.

If you or a family member were with these elite forces during the Vietnam War, you may be in these documents.

The members of the 1st Recon Association even have a library of pictures.

Do you remember one of your patrols, but can't recall the names of your team members?

Do you remember patrol names like Pony Boy, Prime Cut and Report Card, but don't remember the details?

Do you sometimes wonder: Did I really do that? Or, do you wonder what your Dad or brother or husband went through--back then?

  For just a while we reconners did things and went places which now seem impossible and seen only in movies.

  For just a while we had to be different than the man on the street.

  Fr just a while we were Recon. Because all of what we did was classified, our history was almost forgotten.

To get started, go here, read some of the history and look at some of the pictures.