Surgical Kit

The surgical kit contains the instruments necessary for minor surgical procedures. It normally includes:
  • 1 Scalpel (handle and several blades)
  • 2 Scissors (large and small)
  • 2 Hemostats (curved and straight)
  • 2 Forceps
  • 1 Probe
  • Suture material
  • Gauze pads

The surgical kit is packaged (non-sterile) in a canvas bag. Before use, the instruments should be steriled.

In skilled hands, the surgical kit can be used for fairly extensive  and successful operations. In other hands, the kit may lead to other outcomes.

Judgment should always be applied before using the surgical kit:

  • Is this the right operation?
  • Is this the right time for the operation?
  • Is this the best place for the operation?
  • Is the right person doing the operation?


Surgical Instrument Set Minor Surgery

Weight: 0.70 pounds

NSN: 6545-00-957-7650

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